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Scene 7

Mt kilamanjaro!

Scene 7

Narrator: If you were in my position what would you say? Well whatever you are thinking is WRONG! YOU CANNOT THINK! YOU ARE MERELY PUPPETS PLAYING A MELODY OF WHISPERS! Anyway our hero’s have been sent into the past for some God forsaken reason…It is in the swirlity goodness we come across our prey…

(Cuts to swirling vortex of doom)

Zeal: Snap!

All: What are you doing?

Zeal: I win!

Fire: Win what?

Zeal: The prize!

All: What prize?

Zeal: The Prize!

Fred: Quiet You!

Gomp1: Quiet you what?

Fred: Quiet you salad! There that better? Does that live up to your needs of great exulted one?

Gomp1: Do you want something?

Fred: Yes!

Gomp1: …what?

Fred: A holiday in Eastern Columbia with Mr Randy my orange dotted Zebra!

Gomp1: Mr Randy’s dead…no offence Mr. Randy

(Cuts to living area with lit fireplace)

Mr Randy: None taken…Where’s that umbrella?

(Small child with lisp enters)

Small child: Here it is Mr Randy sir…Has anyone told you that your really tall?

(Mr Randy shoots lasers out of his nose)

(Small child deflects the beams with the umbrella)
(Mr Randy explodes)

(Cuts to street outside chemists, the sign lubrication sale in window)

Man1: Excuse me sir…You have seemed to have dropped your gay card!

Man2: Oh have i? Awfully sorry to have caused you the inconvenience of pointing it out!

Man1: No it was my pleasure…to point out your dropped gay card it has been a pleasure talking to you, must dash!

Man2: Sorry to cause you the other but it seems that my gay card is safely stashed away in my natural pocket this card it seems belongs to you!

Man1: Is it really? I must have dropped it on my way to the chemists…

Man2: …

Man1: …

(Man3 enters camp American accent)

Man3: Are you to homosexual?

(Both nod)

Man3: Would you like to have (Daemonic voice) Homosexual sex?

Man1+Man2: Yes!

Man3: TOUGH!

(Whole scene explodes)

(Cuts to prehistoric world)

(Time Vortex opens and characters are spat out)

Homophosuarus: GHAE! GHAE!

Gomp2: Where are we?

Fred: Well let’s see…there’s the giant mobile phone over there…

C.D.Dinosaur: Father?

Homophosuarus: GHAE?

C.D.Dinosaur: Father!

Homophosuarus: GHAE!

(Reunited music plays)

(C.D.Dinosaur hugs Homophosaurus)

C.D.Dinosaur: Where’s my Birthday present?

Homophosuarus: GHAE! GHAE! GHAE!

C.D.Dinosaur: You don’t understand me, I am going to now rebel!


Ominous voice: …Ketchup bottles taste good!...


Ominous voice: …yes…

French person: THUS YOU SUCK!

(Thunderbolt strikes French person)

All: Excuse me sir but would you like to purchase this egg sandwich only $1.95 buy now for quick easy access

Zeal: Yes plea-

All: Buy now and you will receive these 4 million handmade boxes made in China

Zeal: Ok…I will like to purcha-

All: All yours for $1.95 plus postage and packaging!

Zeal: I will take it!

All: You have just purchased this egg sandwich $2001.95 will be removed from your account good day sir…

Zeal: I have an egg sandwich

(Cuts to a fly taking a bath)

Fly: I am now cleansed hoozah I shall now fly into the wind allowing it to take me wherever it wants to!

(Fly lands on sandwich)

Fly: No! Why have you forsaken me?
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